Angry Atheists

“Every atheist I’ve met has been an angry, spiteful wretch—
It’s as if, between our minds, they build a barrier.”
But… if everyone you met would soon fall victim to a plague,
The conclusion we would reach is… you’re a carrier.

If the element in common isn’t evidence or sense,
Isn’t logic, isn’t fashion, isn’t season
Isn’t anything to point to, not that anyone can see…
Why, there’s only one conclusion; you’re the reason!

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Headline Muse, 3/22

The cops have to pick up the slack
They’re too worried ‘bout media flak
You can’t be a goodie
While wearing a hoodie
So shoot him, for “walking while black”.

Headline: Uproar over Florida teen’s death focuses on race

No, I wouldn’t have chosen that headline for this verse. That headline is what showed up when I clicked a link saying “Neighbors stand by George Zimmerman” on’s front page. Were it not for my Grandfather’s years living in Florida, I would not, could not understand how Zimmerman’s neighbors could stand by him in this case.

I am disturbed beyond saying by the Trayvon Martin story. My colleagues here at FtB have written about it, but it has not been, and can never be, enough. I blame Florida, as an entity of government, as much or more than I blame Zimmerman (whom I do not hold blameless).

Damn The Torpedoes!

I’m mapping a strategy; finding a way—
Point B’s where I’m going; I’m starting at A.
I may be traversing some tricky terrain;
Without proper planning, the odds are I may
Start running in circles, or struggling in vain
So I’ll call it a frictionless plane

I know what the point is I’m travelling to;
I know what it is that I’m trying to do.
My willpower’s mighty; my hunger is keen
I’ve plotted a beeline; my compass is true—
I won’t take a chance on some danger unseen
As I travel the path in between

I’ll stick to my principles, taking my stand
My path will not follow the lay of the land!
Let others take routes that are twisted or curled
I’ll march to Point B with my standard in hand,
My banner defiantly, proudly unfurled,
And that’s how I’m changing the world.

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Is “The Walking Dead” All A Metaphor?

We struggle in vain to distinguish a Mass
From your typical Zombie behavior
As they guzzle down red by the bottle or glass
And delight in Filet of Our Savior.

Perhaps it’s a matter of what’s on the menu;
Your Catholic is more of a snacker,
But if you feel teeth on your shoulder, why, then you
Know zombies want more than a cracker.

When Jesus said “This is my blood that you drink,
And this is my body you eat”
Did something he knew of their tastes make him think
They were zombies, and lusting for meat?

Did the Catholic Church, from the time of Saint Peter,
Rejoice in the words that he said,
And at least once a week, become Zombie flesh-eater
And feast upon Jesus Undead?

I worry it’s some sort of slippery slope
Where they struggle ‘gainst gravity’s chains
And I wonder if Ratzinger got to be Pope
By eating the Cardinals’ brains.

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