Reason Rally Envy

There are many reasons I am not there today, but I hope all who *are* there have a great time.

Same goes for next week’s Rock Beyond Belief. And more and more events all the time!

Anyway, I posted this recently enough, so I’ll just point at it today, as what I would have contributed had I been given about 2 minutes to speak.


  1. says

    I liked that before and I still like it. The Rally ought to have had it on a printed pamphlet! :D

    ‘Tis – Mr Nifty would be doing the same thing if he could! Nice picture!

  2. Die Anyway says

    The Reason Rally would have been great but such a long, expensive way to go. Instead I performed one of my own “religious” rites. I ran a half marathon in the woods*, capped off with some “holy water” (i.e. beer). No anger, no spite… shared the beer with some others and a good time was had by all.

    I did hear NPR’s post-rally report on my drive home. I give them a B for the report. Not bad but could have been better.

    *Dances With Dirt – Green Swamp

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