Damn The Torpedoes!

I’m mapping a strategy; finding a way—
Point B’s where I’m going; I’m starting at A.
I may be traversing some tricky terrain;
Without proper planning, the odds are I may
Start running in circles, or struggling in vain
So I’ll call it a frictionless plane

I know what the point is I’m travelling to;
I know what it is that I’m trying to do.
My willpower’s mighty; my hunger is keen
I’ve plotted a beeline; my compass is true—
I won’t take a chance on some danger unseen
As I travel the path in between

I’ll stick to my principles, taking my stand
My path will not follow the lay of the land!
Let others take routes that are twisted or curled
I’ll march to Point B with my standard in hand,
My banner defiantly, proudly unfurled,
And that’s how I’m changing the world.

Thoughts, after the jump:

It’s fun to watch polarization in action. By which I mean this, then this, then this, and it will continue.

Everybody wants to change the world; people disagree on how. Once we start the polarization process, we tend to caricature the opposing positions (and they ours), leaving oversimplifications that don’t stand up to a stiff breeze, let alone a solid push. The original positions tend to be more complex and nuanced, but what would be the fun in attacking those?

Anyway, I always figured that getting from point A to point B was easier if you made note of the mountains, cliffs, fire-swamps, and unsavory characters in the area. Temporarily allying with an ogre might be in your long-term best interest, if that ogre possesses power that you can use. The trick, of course, is in finding out whose help is in your long-term interest, and whose help just leaves you with ogre stink.

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