Headline Muse, 2/25

To the editor: Please, I am urging—
There’s a phrase that could really use purging;
There are words we can choose
To say “win” or say “lose”—
But why must Santorum be “surging”?

Headline: Down to the wire in 2-man GOP race in Michigan

Oh, yeah.

FLINT, Mich.—Republican Mitt Romney fought Saturday to prove he is the strongest challenger to President Barack Obama, an increasingly difficult task given the tight race in his native state of Michigan against surging conservative Rick Santorum.

The first time a headline spoke of “Santorum surging from behind”, it was clever and disgusting. Now it’s just old. Can we maybe up the ante with “what can we expect next from this asshole?”?


  1. David Hart says

    My favourite was an entirely unintentional one in an article about the race in general, which went ‘if Santorum drops out…’

  2. Cuttlefish says

    David, it took me a good half a minute to catch the double meaning. Now, of course, I cannot think of any but that. Damn you, good sir.

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