A Reproductive Message To You (Science Valentine Repost)

It’s a reproductive message
And I’m passing it along
I read it in my DNA
And wrote it in this song
It’s just a reproductive message
A reproductive message to you

It’s an imperative of nature
It’s not just my excuse
There is no greater calling
Than “survive and reproduce”
It’s an imperative of nature
A reproductive message to you

I’m enamored of your phenotype
I’d love to share your genotype
I never thought I’d see no type like you
Your lovely physiology
Has triggered my biology
And now, no simple “golly gee” will do

So now my message is embedded
In meter and in verse
With music as the medium
I guess it could be worse
So long as someone gets embedded…
A reproductive message to you

We all are in the bidness
Of reproductive fitness
But now I fear I’m witnessing the end
Biology is boom or bust
And when it comes to love and lust
No future comes from being just a friend

And that’s the purpose of my singing
You’ve probably deduced
The music is irrelevant
Unless you’ve been seduced
And that’s the purpose of my singing
My reproductive message to you

Stuff, after jump:

The sciencey stuff about this song is here, at the old post. Thing is, I had completely forgotten about it until I bought a new microphone, which arrived today. Looking through programs that use microphones, I found a file of me singing this one.

Which is probably why I had forgotten about it. Repression. Active forgetting. Actually, I can carry a tune, and this is a good one, but I need to talk to a musician of sorts before it will sound like anything.

For now, it’s here as a valentine. Cos it’s February. Not even half over, dammit; February is the longest month.

For the record, the other valentine posts are…

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You have my permission to use them in your own cards, even without attribution. (Don’t lie about it, though–admit it if asked; it’s the right thing to do.) If you feel guilty, there’s the tip jar down there on the right, or in the “Cuttlestuff” tab.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Marshall–I like it! It couldn’t be further from the feel of what I have for this particular song if it were on bagpipes and bass drum, but I like it!

    JV–an interesting idea…

  2. Marshall says

    Thank you! I think you SHOULD find a musician to work with. Probably best to go with someone who isn’t an amateur and has the necessary equipment, but I’d love to see some of your snappy verse sung to something!

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