Headline Muse, 1/26

For three decades, aboard Alaska Airlines
You got food trays that featured some prayer-lines
But the passengers spoke
And the owners awoke,
And the Psalms become no-longer-there-lines

Headline: Alaska Airlines Ends Prayer Cards On Flights

The idea to distribute the cards in the first place came from a marketing executive who borrowed the idea from another carrier as a way to differentiate Alaska’s service, according to the airline’s statement.

But that view has now changed. “A business that aspires to be diverse and inclusive shouldn’t have a religious agenda. Religious beliefs are deeply personal and vary greatly among our customers” Egan said in an emailed statement.


  1. says

    Not to mention that handing out prayer cards upon boarding doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the airline.
    But rest assured, marketing executives; I’m sure prayer cards will be handed out when you board the B-Ark.

  2. Trebuchet says

    I used to fly a lot on Alaska Air, years ago. The CEO at that time was Bruce Kennedy, who was a devout Christian. He was also a good businessman, the airline went downhill a lot after he retired early to do missionary work. I remember the prayer cards well; can’t say they ever particularly bothered me.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I find it interesting that this was simply a business decision, with the purpose of being cognizant of *all* their customers, and wishing not to offend. Gives me hope that some folks can keep their beliefs and recognize that they might not be for everyone.

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