The South Carolina Vote

In just a few hours, we’ll know the results,
When the last person casts a vote;
Between four white guys from three different cults,
And not lots of thought there to note.
The strangest of bedfellows, politics makes,
When they’re racing, all hell bent for leather
Who cares what religion, they’re all of them snakes
So they may as well all hang together

I see a silver lining in this. Yes, Catholicism (2 candidates), Mormonism (one) and Libertarianism (one) have each been termed “cults”. Frankly, I don’t much care whether they fit a technical definition, as it has always seemed clear to me that the usage simply implied that this group was A) bad, and B) not us. That’s all.

But now, in conservatively religious South Carolina, the front-runners are members of religions that local pinheads have only recently demeaned as cults. And it doesn’t seem to matter. So the silver lining is that the tribes of religion hold less power than they used to. The dark cloud, though, is that they may all agree that atheism, at least, is a cult.


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