For Your Viewing Pleasure…

Small Town Democracy in action. Here is a collection of youtube videos of the Cranston, RI school board meeting, discussing the possible appeal regarding the banner case.

To whet your appetite (watch it and love it):

Cuttlecap tip to Caution Church Ahead


  1. San Ban says

    Poor dear also doesn’t know the USSR no longer exists, nor that their consititution was not much related to the laws of the land, in that those laws were made and enforced by a totalitarian leadership in which there were no checks and balances such as the US Constitution provides for. She doesn’t know that what she is asking for is establishment of a religion, which is contrary to the US Constitution. Do these women and minorities that argue for originalism realize that originally, they would have had no standing or status to speak on the matter at all? Notice they are usually goddists of some sort, and would like the founding documents treated as holy writ, infallible, immutable. Sigh.

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