Peter, Peter…

Peter is a congressman; Peter swore an oath.
He loves both God and Country—but he cannot stand for both.
When Christians in his district want to break the nation’s rules,
Giving Christian prayer a special place, inside the public schools—
When Christians in his district want to violate the law,
And wrote those wishes publicly, which Peter clearly saw,
When Christians in his district threatened Jessica with harm
Did Peter see their lunacy as cause to take alarm?
No, Peter had the chance to disagree with what they said
But sided with the Christian mob that’s howling for her head
When Peter had to choose between his country and his king,
Chose Jesus, and called Jessica “an evil little thing.”


You love both God and Country, but you’ve clearly made your choice
You could have done the proper thing—you could have raised your voice
You might have stood with Jessica—she’s right, you surely know—
You can’t serve both; you made your choice; it’s time now, sir, to go.

JT has the story. As does PZ. As does Ophelia.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    Another great Cuttlefish poem, describing the situation succinctly and beautifully.

  2. says

    Palumbo’s shown to be a fool.
    Laws are now suggestions not rules?
    He picks on a teen
    who’s “evil and mean”,
    and thinks prayers are okay in school.

    This Palumbo guy needs a refresher on the Constitution.

  3. Midnight Rambler says

    Actually he’s a state rep.; it’s even easier to find idiots among them than among Congresscritters, hard though that is to believe.


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