1. Retired Prodigy Bill says

    If you don’t think that indoctrinating children into religions isn’t child abuse, watch these videos and you’ll change your mind.

  2. leanne says

    Damn. That is so sad and, might I point out – not very Christian – if you really are a believer.

  3. articulett says

    That video was first posted on youtube in 2007 and the clothing/hair-styles make me think it was made even before that. The linked website gives their names as “Corey and Jennifer”
    but doesn’t give any updated photos. I can’t tell if this site is a Poe or if it’s serious. The more I read, the more it seems to be a parody.

    In any case, the two kids in the video would be teenagers now, and I would be interested in hearing their reaction of its resurfacing.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Wait, you mean you actually can make this up? This is one of those times when I would be overjoyed to be wrong.

  5. Cuttlefish says

    Just realized… this means, officially, I am old enough I cannot tell the difference between current music and the music of 5 years ago.

    You may all taunt me now.

  6. Cuttlefish says

    Oddly enough, your proof casts doubt, mephistopholes! Of course it may be the real deal, but given that the upload date is 3 years prior to the times story, that raises serious hackles…

  7. Cuttlefish says


    What a brilliant site! Unfortunately, I am older than the oldest example they give, which means (for those of you who are not Coelecanth, visit the site for context) Perry Como is too recent to apply!

    Hey! You kids! Get offa my lawn!

  8. Cuttlefish says

    Fuck me, it’s the Mills Brothers, “Paper Doll”, as my “get offa my lawn” song. I can actually sing along with that one. Coelecanth, you are either banned for life or given a free “get out of hell” card for life. Whichever you prefer.

  9. mephistopheles says

    Sorry, I’m quite sure you’ve been had. Perry and Stengel have had this thing going since 1999, and apparantly having a great time doing it. The deeper you go into the website, the funnier it becomes. And since the CEO’s 13-yr-old daughter who is also on the
    Board of Directors looks suspiciously like the girl on Youtube, I think a couple of kids were having a hoot helping their dad out with his very creative hobby (esp. considering their level of talent). Need more proof? Check out the “Jobs” available under the corporate section. . . hilarious!

  10. Cuttlefish says

    Ah, Mephistopheles, you have made me very happy to be wrong! I will be checking it out in detail, but I could not be happier to find out that I have been made a fool of! (and yes, the ending preposition is intentional.)

  11. mephistopheles says

    Glad to be of service.

    Also some pretty good stuff on YouTube if you put “Manka Bros” in search line, too. They have spared no virtual expense in making themselves the “largest media empire on earth.”

    The Times article explains they are/were actual media execs with Time/Warner which significantly ups the believability quotient of the website.

    Besides, everybody KNOWS Howard Stern is the “King of All Media.”

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