For God And For Country (But Mostly For God)

The chaplains are ready to answer the call
In the guise of supporting our fitness
To breach and dismantle the church-and-state wall
And to act as a born-again witness

And the Head of the chaplains will smile and nod,
For God and for country (but mostly for God)

To protect and defend, you remember the oath,
So there’s no use in getting indignant
But I think I’ve detected a spiritual growth
And I’m worried it might be malignant

A chaplain, who shepherds the men in his squad
For God and for country (but mostly for God)

There’s no cause for worry, no need for alarm
It’s only the damn constitution
And the chaplain, who’s keeping your soul safe from harm
Is the problem, and not the solution

But they’ve been there so long it no longer seems odd
For God and for country (but mostly for God)

The problem is growing, of that there’s no doubt
And the bible does not hold the answer
The simple solution—you cut it right out
Cos that’s what you do with a cancer

It’s a cult, once you see past the shiny façade
For God and for country (but mostly for God)

Two things. Go here and read this. And even more importantly (US Citizens only), go here and sign this. As of this writing, only 376113 (update just after 9PM Eastern)87 (just after 10PM) signatures are needed. You do have to register, but it’s painless, takes only a minute or so, and damn is it a good cause.


  1. wilsim says

    Followed your link to sign the petition, signed in, and got a 404 error when trying to load the petition page.


    Anyone else having issues, or is it just me?

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Very strange, wilsim– in my outgoing clicks log, I see two separate addresses for the petition, one of which works and the other of which gets the error message. It may be a browser issue, or RSS, or some other hardware/software/wetware problem I am ignorant of. In my browser, my post only gives me the working one, so I have no idea where the error one comes from.!/petition/end-military’s-discrimination-against-non-religious-service-members/jcfr6fWt

    Just in case it helps, that’s the right addy again.

  3. wilsim says

    Thanks Cuttlefish. I usually browse with chrome, don’t know if it was a browser issue or what so I went and tried it via internet explorer and it worked this time.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Only 176 needed now! 200 Signatures since this post (by my outgoing clickometer, perhaps as much as 10% from here!)! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your neighbors’ friends, and your friends’ neighbors…

  5. Joan says

    I tried but it won’t work. I signed in and it would not recognize the ‘type this (weird garbled) word’ thing three times…three different words. I finally gave up and got an e-mail from the site actually giving me a password. I then could not get the web page to load, even though they gave me the link. Finally went back to your original link and typed in the password which they provided and it does not recognize either my e-mail or my password.
    Maybe it’s overloaded or has been hacked…but I will just have to hope enough signatures are in by the deadline. (sniffle)

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