Oh, Wow. Four Years.

I just noticed that yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of The Digital Cuttlefish going public (I had collected a few of the things I had posted on Pharyngula on the site privately, before figuring “what the hell?”)

I’m still a tiny little cuttlefish in a vast internet ocean, but I honestly never expected to last this long, let alone to have jumped to an actual blogging community. Many thanks to a number of people, including especially those readers whose generosity changed my world in the first year of this blog (you know who you are, and what you did, and I intend to be grateful until I quit breathing), to PZ for over 90% of my traffic, and especially to Kylie who told me to do it in the first place.

I forgot to get a cake, but I think I might have some leftover meatloaf I can stick a candle in.

Happy blog-day to me…
Happy blog-day to me…

(If I finish it, it’s copyright infringement, so to hell with that)


  1. chigau (meh) says

    merry blog-day, dear Cuttlefish …
    joyful blog-day to you.
    No copyright problems.

  2. Badland, delurking for a bit says

    No Cuttlecake? Boo!

    Happy fourth blogday, it has been a pleasure to discover your work on the interwebs

  3. says

    I think it’s only been about three years since I discovered you, but they’ve been good ones, even if I almost always just nod and walk away without commenting. Happy blogversary to you.

  4. Egaeus says

    Congratulations. I lasted about 4 weeks. I found that it’s torture to subject yourself to such stupidity just so you can criticize it.

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