Donors Choose: Feedback

Mrs. Holloway, Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Hickman, and Ms. Smith
Have each written to convey their deepest gratitude
So I thought I’d share their message, and I add my thanks as well,
I assure you, it is more than just a platitude.
But the contest isn’t finished; no, the battle’s just begun
Since Scicurious is mustering her readers—
Thus, I post this brief reminder, of the challenge and the stakes;
You know cuttlefish have never been conceders.
Lest we somehow grow complacent, and Sci’s minions start to surge
We must keep up with the pressure and donations
And no matter what the magnitude of victory for us
What’s at stake, for real, is children’s educations.

I go all NPR on you after the jump:

So, yeah, I received messages from four teachers whose projects have been/are being funded by you! I must say, as much fun as stomping Scicurious is, I am genuinely moved by two things–the feedback from the teachers, of course, but also the fact that my readers are willing to give to complete strangers because an even more complete stranger (me–they don’t come more complete or more strange) asked them to. And while I specified (and still do!) that even donations of a buck or two can help, thus far everyone has given more than that. So I applaud you all, and casting a wary eye in the direction of Scicurious, gently ask once more (yes, I feel like NPR) for the price of a cup of coffee, or a pizza, or if you really must, the price of a small house. These are real teachers and real kids. And a real contest with Sci, for real bragging rights.


  1. debkaren says

    OK, it’s not exactly a science project (well maybe if you stretch — animal husbandry? the life-cycle of the order order Araneae?), but this Donors Choose project to buy a set of _Charlotte’s Web_ for poor kids in Louisiana expires in less than two days; I’ve given more to it than I can afford, but not enough … I wonder if you wonder consider adding it to your list? I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t make it.:

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