To See Or Not To See

Say it ain’t so. An upcoming movie taking the side of conspiracy theorists?
No, not JFK. Not 9/11. Not vaccines and autism. Not Big Pharma. No, these people are old school.

Was Shakespeare a Fraud? Asks the tagline for the upcoming film “Anonymous.” It is clear to see from the trailer (which just ran during The Daily Show) that this movie intends to lie to us, on a grand scale. (This is not an issue where there is debate among serious scholars, although it is certainly an area where there is debate among conspiracy theorists.)

And people will believe it. If Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code have taught us anything, it’s that bad movies about implausible conspiracies will still convince multitudes.

To see or not to see, that is the question
Read Shakespeare’s plays instead, is my suggestion.


  1. says

    “Contested Will” is an excellent book on this topic, or more accurately on the question of why people are so vested in believing Shakespeare didn’t write the plays.

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