Headline Muse, 10/5

It’s the end—though that’s hard to believe
There are millions now starting to grieve
With this loss, it appears
We’ll be shedding some tears
Oh, no, not for Sarah—for Steve

Headline: Apple Visionary Steve Jobs Dies At 56
Headline: Sarah Palin Says She Will Not Run For President In 2012 Election

Some goodbyes are harder than others.

Count me among those who wrote my dissertation on a Mac, who have gone through several generations of Jobs’s ideas. It’s too bad that the Mac/PC wars will inevitably rear its ugly head in the comment threads of Jobs’s obituaries. He will be missed.

Oh, and nobody important left the presidential race today.


  1. says

    Steve Jobs has just passed us by.
    On his visions we all could rely.
    Now he is gone,
    but he will move on
    to that great iPad in the sky.

    That was my take on Jobs’ passing. Planning to do a longer one about Palin tomorrow.

  2. says

    Seems to me he deserves a double dactyl. This is pretty terrible, but it’s the best I can do.

    Steven P. Jobs
    Has gone to the place where
    They all are Mac snobs.

    No more shall we savor
    The way he could bring
    “Just one more thing.”

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