Getting Out The Dominionist Vote

There are demons in the water
There are demons in the air
There are demons in the people
There are demons everywhere!

Let us cast away your demons—
We can put them in a goat—
You can safely go to heaven;
It will only cost your vote.

On the eve of the elections
We are putting out the call:
It’s Dominionists or Demons;
Only one can rule us all!

Don’t you want to go to Heaven?
Don’t you want to be God’s child?
You must vote the way we tell you…
And the devil slowly smiled.

Important cool stuff, after the jump:

On NPR’s Fresh Air, Host Terry Gross interviews “C. Peter Wagner, a leading figure in the new apostolic reformation” This is a grown man who believes that Japan is cursed because the emperor had sex with the sun goddess. And that casting out demons is a literal process rather than a metaphorical one.

It’s clear that Wagner is well aware of where he is; he very carefully phrases his own religion’s superiority over others such that he sounds fairly respectful.

Again, the real fun (the full interview is not yet available; it may be the real fun when it comes online) is in the comments. Being NPR, those supporting Wagner’s ideas are few and far between (although those who support his right to hold them are everywhere), but they do pop up. And of course, Terry Gross is simultaneously a fantastic interviewer and a liberal evil-doer bent on accomplishing her agenda, depending on which commenter you read.

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  1. says

    Is there a sign up list for hosting a demon? Anyone know what the protocol for that is? I might want to get me some of that sun goddess action.

    As long as the wife’s okay with it, of course.

  2. says

    I heard the interview, and given the weird absurdity of Wagner’s beliefs, I thought Gross did a terrific job without insulting or alienating Wagner. No mean trick!

  3. Cuttlefish says

    If Gross isn’t the best interviewer currently on air, she has certainly made me forget who is.

  4. Ray M says

    A little off-topic, but you used the word ‘deally’ in your posting. I saw the same word a couple of weeks ago on a different blog, and dismissed it as a simple typo, but now I’m beginning to think I must really (or perhaps deally!) be out of touch.

    Would someone care to enlighten me? Please?

  5. says

    It almost made me feel sad for the guy, Terry did a great job of relating to a person with silly beliefs. The uncomfortable pauses and pointed questions were all part of a fair interview, and Wagner still make himself out to look like a kook.

  6. Die Anyway says

    Darn! Way too short. The versification that is. On the other hand, who’s got time to read more when there is a FREE Psychic Reading available, which I will rush off to just as soon as I finish getting my daily blessing and bible passage. ;-)

  7. Cuttlefish says

    Ray M–

    a deally is a whatsit, a thingamabob, a whatchamacallit, a whosiwhatsit, that sort of thing.

    Oddly enough, I think one of the older nonsense words for it was “widget”, which has become somewhat more official.

  8. Rrr says

    @ #8: (Gotta love these extraneous top-line characters:) In fact, I think the proper term is “vasistas”, a French noun describing the leetle high window over ze front door of an apartment, or even above an internal door inside the apartment itself perhaps. The ethymology is probably of German origin (as in: was ist das?). Not to be confused with a different noa-word, namely “thingummy”, which likely entered the English glossary by way of avoiding to say “French Leathers”. Ahem.

    Or MacGuffin. (A. Hitchcock)

    /Out of tangents for now.

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