Church Under Attack… By Self

An Ohio church is under attack
By an evil atheist horde!

Or that’s the headline, after all
The facts have been ignored.

The atheists had a billboard up
Right on the church’s land!
It was removed immediately
Upon the church demand

A billboard on the church’s land?
There’s something there that’s funny
Although the church is tax-exempt
That sign is making money

Turns out, commercial property
Gets taxed, and they are liable
It’s “render unto Caesar”, as
It says there in the bible

The church is in the wrong here
In their tax-evasion game
But why admit their guilt,
When there are atheists to blame?

This morning in The Christian Post, an unbiased story on how an Ohio church is “under attack by atheist group”–the “so-called Freedom From Religion Foundation”. They are so called because that’s their name, but “so-called” is such a great phrase. Anyway, the attack comes in the form of pointing out that the church has been violating the law and evading paying taxes on property that is in commercial use. So clearly it’s an atheist attack.

The juicy bits come out in the details. The FFRF only found out because the ad company they had contracted with for placing billboards had initially chosen a location on church property for one of the “I can be good without god” billboards. The church demanded its removal, and it was promptly relocated. It was in the examination of this incident that it came to light that the church property, clearly generating income, was untaxed.


  1. etienne says

    Thanks for the link Cuttlefish.

    hmm, a solution for helping to balance local and state budgets comes to mind. This can’t be the only church scofflaw.

    I read it as “bi-a-ble.”

    It might be called a clever Ecthlipsis. =)

  2. F (entropy) says

    Well said!

    Another poor, poor church under attack. Churches always have fund raising schemes which skirt the edges of legality for their tax-exempt status.

    Interesting how no one in the flippin’ state capital ever noticed the commercial signage not paying taxes before.

  3. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    So, pointing out that they are not paying taxes they legally owe is an “attack”? Religious privilege much?

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