It’s An Empirical Question

I’m looking for some funding, if you’re willing to invest—
Cos it’s time for us to figure out whose praying works the best.
See, we’re getting rid of FEMA, and we’ve got to find a way
To respond to things like hurricanes. The answer is, to pray.
Can we influence the weather? Can we turn away a storm?
In a blizzard in the winter, can we keep the homeless warm?
Can we pray us up some batteries, some candles, and some food?
Can we pray for stronger windowpanes, or are we simply screwed?
We’ll pray away the damage, and we’ll pray to clear the roads
We’ll pray the roofs are strong enough to tolerate the loads

… Just lost power for a moment, so if anybody cares,
Gotta cut this short and post it, cos I gotta say my prayers.

So, yeah, we did just lose power for a bit, so this may be the beginning of radio silence for me for a while. If comments take a bit to get approved, that’s the reason.

Aaaaaand then we lost power again, for about half an hour, one sentence before I could post this. And it’s early still. So up this goes. See you tomorrow, I suspect.

Stay safe–prepare like an atheist!


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