Dragon Food

“A blog is like a dragon. You have to feed it all the time and sometimes you get burned”
unattributed quote, collected here by Scicurious. (if you know who, let me know.)

If you want to own a dragon, there’s some things you ought to know
Though they’re cute when really tiny, if you feed them, they will grow—
And it’s fun to feed a dragon—well, it’s really fun at first,
Till you’re bleeding from the bite-marks and the blisters that have burst!
Finding food, at first, is simple, cos it’s laying all around,
And a dragon, when it’s little, eats whatever you have found.
As the months and years continue, dragon-feeding can get tricky,
As it’s eaten all the easy finds and now is getting picky
But you’ve got to feed the dragon, though it’s taking all your time
(And it really doesn’t help, should you decide to feed it rhyme)
All the dragon owners tell you, cos it’s something that they’ve learned,
That no matter how you feed it, there are times that you’ll get burned.

If you see I’ve written something, and you really wonder why…
Well, I have to feed the dragon, or it’s gonna up and die.


As you might ascertain, I woke up this morning with writer’s block. This one is from the old digs.


  1. Podblack says

    Love it. :) My dragon is in hibernation, I’m trying to stay offline and succeeding fairly well – and yet I miss you. We’ll have to get into poetry-battle again when I return from overseas, I remember that G&S one! :D

  2. Freerefill says

    I have a dragon in my garage
    A lovely little pet
    I keep it for the theist barrage
    Of arguments, to whet:

    They say a dragon cannot be
    But look, it is, right there!
    It’s invisible to you and me,
    It looks the same as air

    But shouldn’t dragons exhale fire?
    I have to think a beat
    Ah yes, I know, relax your ire
    My dragon has no heat!

    But surely something big as this
    Must knock stuff all about
    Except for this, its mass is nix
    It hap’ly hops about!

    A dragon’s roar can rent asunder
    Objects as tough as stones
    But my pet can only thunder
    Nonexistent tones.

    The theist claims have fizzled out
    I’ve tossed away them all again
    I’ll wait ’till next they come about
    With my dragon, Carl Sagan.

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