Headline Muse, 8/7

Though he’s trailing Ms. Bachmann by twenty,
If you read the straw poll cognoscenti
There’s a good chance he’ll win—
Or at least, that’s the spin
That we get from the horn of Pawlenty

Headline: Pawlenty hopes for upward charge this week


  1. RemembersABeach says

    I keep thinking that a Bachmann nomination will guarantee a Democrat election. And then I remember thinking that during the last 3 elections here in the Minnesota 6th Congressional District.

    In any case, she doesn’t seem likely to drop out of the race, so I suggest stockpiling rhymes for “nuts” and “crazy” and “scary”.

  2. podblack says

    Har, I had to think of an American accent while reading it, then it made sense. :p :D

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