Christmas Morning

It is christmas morning at cuttlehouse. I am the only one awake at the moment, aside from the cats who woke me. Years ago, by this time, our young children would have been whispering excitedly back and forth from their rooms, eager to pounce on their presents. Christmas morning was magic for them, and because of that, it was magic for us.

This year, the Cuttlekids are back from college. Sleeping in holds more appeal than the early start on presents. But they are both here, and so there is a new sort of christmas magic for me. Perhaps in a few more years, the cycle will repeat itself. For now, I am enjoying this calmer, quieter magic.

Happy Christmas to all of you, too. I hope it is a good day for you. We all could use a few of those, I’m sure.


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    Sounds ideal. We're ahead of you, and have started making Christmas dinner. Grrl's broken wing means that she's ordering me around in the kitchen. So excuse me, I have to crop some carrots.Luckily Grrl can still pour wine.

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    Happy Christmas, Cuttlefish! How lucky for you – the morning wakeup for me was my wife, at 0530, giving all four of our 8-week-old puppies (Scotties) a bath in the kitchen sink.

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    Bob, if you can manage it without breaking anything more, give Grrl a hug from me–JackC, I'd send a hug to the puppies (all 8 at once), but I'm busy hugging Grrl.Happy Christmas to you both! um.. all 12+ of you!

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    Happy Christmas (or winter holiday of your choice) to all the Cuttlefolks and your readers. We too had a quieter start to the morning than in years past, and are happy to have the oldest back with us after 18 months or so away in the Armed Forces. I'm eager to see the reaction of friends for whom I bought your book as a gift, but won't be seeing them until they return from visiting relatives…

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    Sounds wonderful; we're still in the incredibly early (but very excited) start to Christmas morning phase. It's certainly magical, but I could use a lie-in sometime.

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    Not ironic in the least. Midwinter celebrations preceded (and were stolen by) christianity, and I have no doubt they will outlast it, if humanity does. That the word "christmas" ties it to your particular mythology doesn't bother me any more than the inherent geocentrism of the word "sunrise". My celebration does not exclude christians; if your celebration excludes non-christians, then I submit that my holiday is better than yours, and is a greater celebration of peace and love.Now *that's* irony.

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