On Hallucinogens As A Path To Enlightenment

I’ve seen the light–the other light–
The real one! Really seen it!
It’s more than real, it’s really real,
(That’s how you know I mean it)
It’s more than just “agreed upon
By others who observe it”–
Your thinking’s far too linear;
Take lots of drugs and curve it.
I know it’s real, despite the fact
It violates your “laws”;
And when you ask me how I know
I’ll simply say “because.”
So take some pills, and try this new reality I’ve tasted–
And if, by chance, you disagree… so what? We’re fucking wasted!
The comments on this thread were infested by a troll of a particular variety, the sort who has had more experience with drugs than with science, and is therefore convinced of the superiority of the former as a path to knowledge. I’ve run into this sort before (in a previous life–ha!); they are openminded to virtually every possibility in the universe, except that they might be mistaken.


  1. Anonymous says

    I re-read that thread (I'd come to it pretty early on, and missed most of the fun). I'm scared, because I'm not entirely sure which commenter inspired you! There are several possible candidates for the drug-addled role.

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