All This Over Ritual Cannibalism?

Wow. Much Ado About A Wafer. Who’d have thunk that this story had legs? As mild as this could have been, I suppose that if you piss off enough people, a number of them will react badly. As many have commented, the law cannot possibly take the side of the church in this case without setting a nasty precedent. Support one religion, and where does it end?

P. Z. Meyers’ bad behavior toward the body of Our Savior
Is at minimum appalling, and it’s blasphemy at most!
This is more than merely naughty—this is Christ Almighty’s Body—
There’s a special place in Hell for those who desecrate the Host!

Dr. Meyers would be safer if he just ignored the wafer;
‘Cos the Prince Of Peace has followers who will not mess around.
There’s no blogger, nerd, or hacker who can simply steal a cracker—
These are people who have re-defined the phrase “too tightly wound”.

Now it’s more than merely prattle, it’s a First Amendment battle;
Can the Catholics demand the recognition of their views?
And if transubstantiation is supported by the nation
Will the other faith communities each, likewise, get to choose?

When you lean toward theocratic, it is far from automatic
That the legal recognition of your rituals will follow—
If our goal is “not offending”, then the list is never-ending,
And the spectrum of religions is too big a bite to swallow.

If the nation acts as proxy for one form of orthodoxy
Then the other True Believers could be truly in a lurch;
But our brilliant founding fathers saw through this and other bothers
And decided to prohibit the endorsement of one church.

If believers were offended, that’s what Myers had intended—
While it may not be polite, he has the right to be a jerk;
It’s the nation’s Constitution that prevents his prosecution,
Sure, it’s not the Holy Bible, but it kinda seems to work.


  1. says

    Is it single vowel mutation or deliberate desecrationWhen by poet (priest of parody) a doctor’s name is cast?No! It’s transubstantiation when the doctor’s appellationMorphs from Meyers into Myers twixt the first verse and the last.

  2. says

    My question of the name was much itself the sameThat’s why I’d come in here to askBut now I clearly see that the poster before meWas much more ready for the task.

  3. says

    Had to link to you in the Skeptics of Carlos, it was that good… certainly better than most blog entries on this nonsense! Thanks and catch you SOON!

  4. says

    An invisible intelligent entity manipulating our lives. *sigh* To think humanity even debates that tripe. CUTTLEFISH what you call religion is blasphemy to every other religion.

  5. says

    On my soul a deep infection preyed,A burden cold of contradiction laidUpon my heart so fickle and so weak,That from my path I almost strayedAnd in a flamewar nearly took a part!Never can I end what others choose to start,So learned I did the proper time to speakAnd when to silent case my verbal dart,For when the bloggers act like drama queens,And trick like idols dying to be seen,No matter what the course I seekI only worse the dismal scene!But perhaps I can not quite waste my timeIf I turn to slapdash meter and obtrusive rhyme. . . .

  6. Gadfly says

    I burned a Bible once myself… for the irony of the religious background of book burners of the past.

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