Friday Limericks–Location, Location, Location

There is, of course, a long tradition of location in limericks. The most famous location would have to be Nantucket, but I am certain you have heard others. If you like your own location, see what you can do with it here! If you would prefer to be somewhere else, immortalize that location in five lines. Or just pick a place that fits the rhyme scheme and be done with it!

There once was a lady from Boston
With a body too small to get loston
And the patriot’s trail
From her head to her tail
Is worth ev’ry last cent that it’s coston

There once was a man from L.A.
Who decided to drive far away
With the traffic, his car
Didn’t get very far
So that’s where he still is today

A student in Kalamazoo
Played a sensual song on kazoo
Her friend heard the humming
And thoughts started coming–
“When that song is over–me too?”

There once was a Podblack from Perth
On the down-under side of the Earth
Who writes posts every day
And has real things to say
But mine rhymes… for whatever that’s worth.


  1. says

    Ashington doesn’t rhyme with much, so let’s pretend I’m a native of my current location:There once was a girl from VancouverWho was more of a geek than a grooverHer rhyming’s OK,But try as you may,There is no other way to improve ‘erI grew up mostly in York:There once was a young lass from York(The accent’s quite clear in her talk)It isn’t surprisingHer blog hits are risingIt’s because she became such a dork.

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    There once was a medical clerkWho thought ev’ning shifts were a perq.She stays up all nightWith fluorescent lightAnd Lim’ricks when she should do her work.>_>

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    There once was a girl from New York,Found a miracle face in her spork.“Oh my, it is Jesus!” she said just to tease us,But admitted ‘twas just Robert Bork.There once was a female from Eden.Was so bored – from her eyes she was bleedin’!She found this cool tree, and she broke God’s decree,Said, “My bad! But it’s now more fun breedin!”A Fundie, in Perth did reside,Preached that Adam and Eve were God’s pride.But now He’s just ticked ‘cause that apple they picked,So He whupped ‘em, ‘cause they chapped His hide. Somewhere lives a ceph’lopod-ist,Writes verses too good to be missed.With wit scintillates, as his talent translatesInto rhymes that just fill us with wist.

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    There once was an old guy from Cali(With the -fornia clipped [that’s an i.e.])Whose life was ill-spentLiving out of his tentBy the angels’ own river, most dirty.Now see here this fellow near Duarte(His address is a matter ex parte)He’s bold and he’s brashBut he hasn’t got cash…Why not? Oh, don’t even start me!

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    I still like yours better. Always have.And *blush* – I haz limerick!! I have still to make one up in return, but it’s 4am here, so I’ll do it when awake!

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