A Lizard Is A Lizard Is A Lizard

A lizard will remain a lizard
Even if it grows a gizzard.

Even if it grows some fur,
A lizard’s what it always were;

A lizard will be of that ilk
Despite evolving glands for milk;

A lizard with an upright stance–
Could that be different? Not a chance!

A lizard standing on two legs,
Who bears live young instead of eggs,

No matter what, you’ll always find
It still belongs to lizardkind.


At last I think I understand
Some crazy things about this land:

The audience for Bill O’Reilly?
Lizards prob’ly rate him highly.

The changing views of John McCain?
The answer’s simple: Lizard Brain.

Paris? Brittney? Cher? Madonna?
Must look hot to some Iguana.

I think I’ll stop here, if you wish–
It’s time to feed my inner fish.


  1. says

    What of the dreaded dinosaur?It was a lizard, we once heard. But something changed the science for now we think it was a bird :)

  2. says

    Preacher Pat in Lizards Lounge,Scale-skinned, fork-tounged super-scrounge:”Give to God!” It’s just an echo:”Greed is Good!” said Gordon Gecko.

  3. says

    A note which has nothing to do with the poem: My name is Quentin Long, and I’d like to work with Cuttlefish on getting his verses published (probably via Lulu.com). I’ve put together a PDF file of my first attempt at page design & etc, and if Cuttlefish can tell me where to send the thing, I’d be happy to let him have a look at it.My email address is cubist@aol.com.Hoping to hear from the Cuttlefish at his earliest convenience, I remain, etc.

  4. says

    Strangely enough, I was also just about to suggest that our host the Cuttlefish assemble a book of verse. I’m sure that PZ Myers would advertise it on Pharyngula!

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