A quick reminder: I’m coming to Chicago

In case you forgot (or didn’t know), I will be at Chicago’s DePaul University this Friday night, talking about social justice and atheism. The timing of this week’s series of posts is not coincidental.

Tickets are free, and you will get to see not only your humble narrator, but Sikivu Hutchinson, Anthony Pinn, Stephanie Zvan, and Ashley Miller. It should be a fascinating talk, so long as someone periodically reminds me to STFU so that people who actually know what they’re talking about can speak.

Like this article? COME SEE ME IN CHICAGO THEN!!!


  1. smhll says

    I live on the west coast. But if I had access to a reliable Star Trek style teleporter, I would definitely be there. Sounds like a great line up.

  2. says

    AHA! I’m not the only person to make this mistake! My Trekkie girlfriend would jump all over you to tell you it’s called a “transporter”!

  3. jasonrobertson says

    As an attendee and Star Trek nerd, I think smhll is in the clear. Teleporter is the proper generic of transporter. Now if smhll has access to a proper Federation-branded device, maybe then the ding would be solid.

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