Because I am an atheist: Big Ugly Jim

Today’s contribution was submitted via e-mail by Big Ugly Jim, who blogs at Meddling Kids.

Because I am an atheist…

…I am burdened with a need to understand. I don’t have the luxury of simple answers to questions that the faithful possess. There is no “God did that” or “It’s a part of His plan” for me. Instead, when curiousity strikes me (as it often does), I have to seek out a valid answer.

But that’s a good thing. I grew up with the simple answers, but I found that they left me wanting. My desire to understand is what led me away from my faith. The more I learned about things, the more I wanted to learn about them, and the more I knew I could learn about them. Now, when I look at those who prefer the simple answers, I feel awful for them. Not because they are deluding themselves or because I’m so much smarter than they are (I’m not), but because they don’t allow themselves to see the amazing things I’ve seen.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing? Only because a little knowledge is a gateway drug to a whole lot of knowledge.

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