SSA Blogathon Songathon: Ziggy Stardust

Mike requested a David Bowie cover, and since I didn’t have a horde of goblins to do “Magic Dance” with me, I settled for this one:

Compare this to the original here.

Also, I have a new guitar. I haven’t named her yet, but I’m very excited about her.

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  1. Mikecheck says

    Damn it! Now I’m away from my school, the only place that has a consistent VPN here in Guangzhou, China for me to get onto facebook, so I can’t get on Youtube, Yes, youtube is blocked in China because it would be really easy to use it to create revolution and overthrow the overlords like it has been succesfully used everywhere else.

    I will find a way to watch it soon. Thanks for doing Ziggy Stadust, it’s one of my favorite karaoke songs! Magic Dance would have been better though.

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