Because I am an atheist: Carina

Today’s submission is courtesy of Carina from South Africa

Because I am an atheist…

…I no longer live in fear

I do not have to fear eternal torment that would be forced upon me because of my human nature.

Because I am an atheist I am a better parent to my daughter

I raise her to be independent in her thoughts, sceptical of accepted “truths” and above all to always question. She will never have to travel the long and painful road that I did and she will be better off for it. She will grow up to be confident in her opinion and able to accept and admit when evidence proves her wrong. She will not subscribe blindly to fairy tales and make-believe. She will fight for her rights, speak her mind and not be downtrodden by misogynistic and ignorant fools who would fit her into the cardboard cut-out that they perceive to be a lady. Though she is only 11 she has started her own blog and also writes for Teenskepchick. She will “rock” this world.

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