1. AylaSophia says

    When reading this on my iPad, the gif loads much slower than normal. So he appears to be nodding very very slowly, which adds a whole ‘nother dimension of creepiness/awesomeness.

  2. F says

    I never could get the hang of Thursdays. I’ll have to endeavor to employ this lesson from the Crommunist.

  3. Riptide says

    F: I’ve found that if you close your eyes *really* tight and rock back and forth, Thursdays eventually lose interest and go bother someone else. But Crommunist’s method works, too.

  4. Leni says

    I so did not get this. Until I just now noticed the link.

    Lol! Really? Fruit? XD

    Also, I’m never watching Tosh again. I don’t even want to say what the first thing I thought it was about was ><

  5. F says


    Being unaware of what the day or date is most of the time, Thursdays can slip by unnoticed and just blend in with the crowd. For those Thursdays which make themselves apparent, I just tend to stick around the cave. But I’ll give that rocking thing a go.

  6. SallyStrange: bottom-feeding, work-shy peasant says

    Yesss! It’s the day you post a .gif of Isaiah Mustafa nodding in that sexy, saucy way he has. Thanks for appreciating your readers who enjoy a little bit of male eye-candy.

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