Movie Friday: Ten OTHER Things Martin Luther King Said

Because it’s Black History Month (and because I can’t get enough Jay Smooth), here’s a few choice quotations from one of the greatest Americans to ever draw breath.

He could be speaking to our time right now. In fact, he is – these themes are eternal and will not die as long as we fail to learn from them. While it is convenient and gives us fuzzy feelings to think of Martin Luther King Jr. as a patient saint who had a colourblind dream, such fantasy robs us of a much richer portrait of a tireless warrior for equality who refused to capitulate to the status quo.

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  1. darius says

    The video with the ~40 seconds of MLK’s speech looped over and over annoyed me enough in its incompleteness that I found the whole speech and read it. I liked the full version better.

    I couldn’t find video of the full speech, though, which I’m sure would have been better still.

  2. Matthew Gill says

    Isn’t it sad that, while we have come a long way, we still struggle in many others? I hope that as long as we remember people like King in our history to learn from (and hopefully, future leaders in this vein) we will be able to grow up as a society.

    Every one of those is 100% accurate today (except for the God parts in 7, but the underlying message there is still true. America is wasting what it has.).

  3. says

    I’ve only been able to find it as an audio torrent. All of his recorded speeches. He’s amazing. I listen to them when I’m prepping for a presentation.

  4. says

    1)There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.
    2)There is always hope for a more equitable tomorrow.
    3)There is always hope for a more just tomorrow.
    4)There is always hope for a more rational tomorrow.

    MLK aided the cause of the first three but muddied the waters of the fourth.

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