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For those of you for whom this morning’s video wasn’t enough religion bashing, you can check out my latest post over at Canadian Atheist:

There is, however, a crucial distinction between freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. The phrase ‘freedom of religion’ has come to signify an excuse for antisocial or illegal behaviour provided there is an explicitly religious justification attached. It is the most pathetic and egregious type of special pleading possible – the attempt to secure a license to flout your responsibility to your fellow human beings because you haven’t learned to properly attribute the voice in your head to your own imagination. Somehow, this corruption of a noble secular principle has filtered its way into public consciousness, where it is often waved as a battleflag in the face of any errant secular campaigner who attempts to accomplish any separation of church from state.

The post is about British Columbia’s mealy-mouthed approach to prosecuting the serial abuse and child rape happening in Bountiful. Incidentally, the writing is me doing my best Christopher Hitchens impression. Not great, but I have a lot of time to get better.

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    You know, before I even read that you were channelling Hitchens, that is who I thought of when I read the post. High praise indeed 🙂 also, I’ve posted this on the webpage of my university’s Rationalist Association. Hope that’s ok.

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    That is indeed very flattering. I figure if you’re going to copy someone, might as well aim high. That’s what Hitchens did with Orwell.

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