The beatings will continue until morale improves

I’m not a parent, so this hypothetical situation might ring a little hollow, but let’s say you caught your 6 year-old daughter stealing cookies. You had indisputable proof of her theft. Instead of denying it, or looking apologetic, she simply looks you in the eye and says “yes, I stole the cookies, and I will continue to do so given the opportunity.”

Or perhaps you’re an employer who catches an employee making pornographic films on company time. “Yes,” he says “I filmed myself porking some low-rent prostitutes on your desk. However, I am planning on filming myself porking them on other people’s desks too.”

Would you think you’d slipped into Bizarro world? Nope, you’re just a voter in Quebec:

It is “normal” for Conservative ridings to receive more cash from Ottawa than those with opposition MPs, a high-profile Tory candidate in Quebec said Thursday. Larry Smith, a former CFL commissioner now running for the Conservatives in Montreal, said it is part of the political process for governments to be favourable to their supporters. The Tories believe Smith represents their best chance at winning a seat on the island for the first time since 1988. In making his case, Smith said his riding in western Montreal could expect more federal funding if it voted Conservative.

Kinda takes the wind out of the sails of your stinging accusation of vote-buying, don’t it? “Why yes, I am buying votes. You should vote for me, so that I will give you more federal money than if you vote for someone else.” It’s nice to see that the Conservatives don’t even have the capacity to feel shame anymore.

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