I Feel Stunned By the Hate Expressed in Acts and Voice

I don’t know about you, but I feel stunned. I feel like I have received three body blows and cannot yet catch my breath. I was thinking about how to respond to an attempt to decapitate the Democratic party (including TWO former Presidents) and other targets of Trump including CNN by Ceasar Sayoc, when Gregory Alan Bush murdered two people – Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones – in an act of frustrated hate violence. He wanted to attack an African American church. Then before another breath, Robert Bowers attacks the Tree of Life Synagogue murdering eleven congregants, and wounding two more, then also wounding four police officers. Three high visibility crimes driven by one thing – hate. These are all acts of domestic terrorism, regardless that the FBI and law enforcement seem to want to minimize the reality of domestic terrorism. Watching President Trump ask those at a political rally whether he should tone it down, the response was “NO!”. At the same rally were cries “CNN sucks” (also found on a sticker on Sayoc’s van).

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Extreme Vetting? A Terrifying Thought

thought police

Extreme Vetting by Mike Licht.

Extreme vetting. It has become a euphemism, but what does it really mean? From all of the hype, it sounds as if it steps clearly beyond the bounds of our Constitution. How many trips across these Constitutional boundaries do we allow Trump to go?
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