How Deep Is the Racism of the Republicans?

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As I watch Trump’s efforts to block the entrance of Muslims into the United States, and the brutal tearing of families apart in the I.C.E. sweeps of immigrants, and the repeated crowing over destroying what Obama had built, and the white, white, white, Administration, I feel that I am being lashed by hatred and racism. Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Depression? Oh yes, I feel these and I cry with the children who fear that they will never see their parents again, for I have been pulled from a parent and know that pain in my bones. All I know to do is to speak out and stand up and push back. It is either that or get mowed down, and that I cannot let happen.

How deep is the racism of the Republicans when they can support someone who lead  the “birther movement” for 9 years?

How deep is the racism when Mitch McConnell sets the goal of the Republican’s in Congress to block ALL legislation, including the federal budget, of Obama?

How deep is the racism of the Republican party when they refuse to even interview a Supreme Court justice candidate for ten months, instead holding the vacancy open for a Republican president?

How deep is the racism of a Republican President who has made his primary job in the first 100 days of his presidency that he will override every Executive Order of the black president who preceded him in office?

How deep is the racism of a Republican party who has reputedly practiced for over five years to undo all legislation that a black president got through before the Republicans controlled the House?

How deep is the racism of a Republican party who has dedicated its life to eradicating any evidence that a black president ever existed?

How deep is the racism of voters who put both Donald Trump and the Republicans in the House and the Senate?

There is something so deeply disturbing here that I hesitate to even call it racism. This is a hatred so deep that it requires expunging Barack Obama and any evidence of him or his family from history.


The rise of Barack Obama has been pointed to by many as an example that we now live in a “post racial” society. We don’t, and in today’s parlance that is a “post-truth alternative fact” (which means an outright lie). The real educational tale here is that if you are some unacceptable shade of brown, there is a significant portion of your fellow amerikans who would vaporize you and all of your kin from the face of the planet. As I recall from a video from the 1990s on Hate in America, a young white woman in WAR (White Aryan Resistance) said something to the effect “We will send all the Africans back to Africa and all the Mexicans back to Mexico and then we will kill them all.” Well welcome to 2017 because these are the people who feel that they now control the United States because they have their leaders in the White House. This is also the same “base” that the Republicans have been playing to for almost a decade.

We are watching the deconstruction of a presidency for the sole reason that Obama was a mixed raced, “black” man, and the Republican/Trump “base” is cheering the ripping away of every plank of his eight years of effort as it is torn off and thrown to the side. The fact that they are also deconstructing the government of the United States and virtually every protection and support for the people is a side show of trash thrown on the bonfire of racism.

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  1. says

    it has always been the problem. since obama was elected the right feels = oh my dear god there is a black man in the white house. there is no other explanation. and slowly over the past 8 years racism has grown and grown and our understanding of what is true and right is disappearing. now we have an orange lunatic and the racists are screaming louder and louder. any person in their right mind should be terrified and outraged. i am not sure in what order

  2. cobsweb says

    I feel that the true rise of the racist right began in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. There was literally a piece of federal legislation coming up for a vote to begin to address the racism in the criminal justice system. Despite what has happened since the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson (the murder of Trayvon Martin raised a different issue and racism in the courts rather than the police), we are STILL not back to where we were in 2010 (or worse), we have yet to return to that point in addressing one form of . It has consistently been my professional opinion (as a sociologist with a “specialization” in structured social inequality) (and not saying that necessarily means anything other than the body of data I look at may be slightly different) the the United States jumped back at least 50 years in relationship to race in the wake of the events of that date – that wake being directed by the path that President Bush chose in response. We were “lead” into a deeply racist past and we have yet to get back to where we were.

    The election of Obama sent a shockwave through an already aroused and shaky racist right. It solidified in the GOP who decided to play it for all it was worth without outright admitting they were engaging in racism, not promoting the same. They lead a portion of the population deeper into the rabbit hole and set up an environment where Trump (or someone like him) became the next logical step – from the standpoint of racism as I am not trying to discuss overall politics at this point.

  3. gattomonstrosis says

    The Replublican party isn’t racist, they’d have to regard non whites as human to have a problem with their race.

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