Update February 13 – Well that last update turned out to be a mistake. Anton Hill asked me to update to say there was a truce, so I obliged, but he was bullshitting me. There’s no truce. He’s still talking shit about me on Twitter (compared to my saying nothing about him at all) and he’s still blogging about me, and tagging me in the hopes that his blog posts will infect internet searches about me.

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February 8. Three days after he asked me to update saying there was a truce, and I complied.

Lee Moore is still trying to con people into having a “discussion” with people like this. Yeah right, that’s a good plan.

Update February 5 – We have managed to arrive at a truce behind the scenes, and Anton took the picture down, so that’s progress. He points out that I can’t know he was “pretending,” and he’s right.

Anton Hill hadn’t talked about me enough yet, so he did another post about me today…pretending he’s now in full truce mode.

But he helped himself to a picture of mine to publish (for no apparent reason, unless it’s in hope of inspiring new photoshops) on his post. That’s a peculiar thing to do. I don’t post pictures of people I blog about, except truly public (and powerful) people like the pope. It’s kind of…off, posting a picture of someone for no apparent reason. In the context of all the threats and jeers and photoshops and mutterings about acid, it has a bullying note. It’s not clear exactly which kind of bullying note – whether “look at this ugly bitch” or “here she is, this woman who has ‘chosen to be a public figure on multiple public forums’ but doesn’t want me hassling her on Twitter” or “got a funny caption?” or “hahahaha prune hahahahahahaha” or “photoshop please!” or “I bet you could take her down with one punch” – but it has the note.

I doubt that he has permission to post it. I asked for permission to post it, myself. I asked him on the post if he has permission. The comment got held for moderation, but now it’s posted, so he’s seen it – but he hasn’t bothered to reply.

That’s a “truce”? No, that is not a truce.