More #DistractinglySexy

Our friend Jen Philipps:

jen phillips ‏@ClutchScience Jun 12
Collection protocols may vary, but tear production is reliably abundant. #DistractinglySexy

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As luck would have it, the tears of girl scientists make excellent embryo medium #DistractinglySexy

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Sarcastic Rover (whom I have a crush on):

SarcasticRover ‏@SarcasticRover Jun 15
Can being a woman prevent others from doing their job? No… that’s stupid. #distractinglysexy

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And a couple more floating around –

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  1. leni says

    I want to see what grows in the petri dish!

    Secretly hoping for 50 feet of inscrutably polite vengeance. Or just the regular vengeance, that’s ok too.

  2. says

    I gotta say, on those occasions when I perceived someone as #distractinglysexy, I usually figured out, within a few seconds, that it was my fault, and that I should get my head out of my… whatever, and get back to work.

    Later in life, I came to a more general realization that I’m in control here (here being in my head). I decide what hurts me, what elates me, what distracts me. I am my own damned fault. I think I’ve become something of a better person after this realization.

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