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The #147notjustanumber hashtag was started by Ory Okolloh Mwangi @kenyanpundit.

Edith Honan @edithhonan 14 hours ago
Risper Mutindi Kasyoka, 23, died in Garissa. A-student, loved gospel music, planned to start biz consulting firm

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Risper Mutindi Kasyoka

Edith Honan @edithhonan 13 hours ago
“This is my lovely Doreen Gakii who lost her life in Garissa. She was a 2nd year taking bachelor of education, arts”

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Doreen Gakii

Edith Honan @edithhonan 12 hours ago
Edward Wafula, missing from Garissa. “Preached God’s teachings.” Loved playing with kids, wanted to be a teacher.

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Edward Wafula

Edith Honan @edithhonan 12 hours ago
Obedy Okiring Okodoi, missing from Garissa. “He was joyful, focused, wanted to achieve the highest,” a teacher to be

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Obedy Okiring Okodoi


  1. says

    Thank you for posting these, so much promise snuffed out, it’s beyond my words to express the sorrow of these young lives stolen.
    Thank you for giving them the dignity of names and faces.

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