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So today George Galloway bullied a journalist for saying something about him that he didn’t like.

George Galloway @georgegalloway
I have begun legal proceedings against Hadley Freeman of the Guardian on her defamatory comments about me. No- one should repeat them.

Now #libelGalloway is happening.


  1. canonicalkoi says

    And here’s me not realizing that lèse-majesté was still a crime or that it pertained to anyone lower in rank than, say, a Duke or something.

    I’d add more to the #libelGalloway fun, but I’m currently one of the many suffering from a crazed Twitter “you’ve been locked out for automated behavior” thing. Seems to be a fair number of people hit with it. Sadly, I have no cell phone (or any cellular coverage) where I live, so I’m going to have to wait until a live body can haul themselves out of their comfy chair and pull a switch. (“Sadly” because of the amount of time this will take, not for the lack of cell or coverage. That, I’m quite happy about.)

  2. says

    Was it for the “why boobs are big on the red carpet this season” or “flares are ridiculous, pity the designers trying to bring them back into fashion” piece?

  3. says

    @ Danny Butts Was that a snark? Hadley F does write light, entertaining pieces about fashion but has also written pieces about antisemitism.

    However I don’t know if Galloway sued her whether she would have a good case. Galloway is a totally dodgy individual. He boasts of his friendship with Gilad Atzmon, who is a kind of Nazi. He is given to abusing people as “Zionists”. He has said Bradford should be an Israeli-free zone. However I don’t think he’s said anything that would cross the line of technical anti-semitism himself – tho’ the organisations he works for like Press TV are full of Jewish conspiracy stuff. He’s fairly careful about that.

    I would be curious if he quietly lets this drop. Hadley F would get a lot of help, practical and financial, if she fought a case.

  4. says

    actually the snark was meant in relation to Gorgeous George’s mentality and dress sense.

    He’s someone who’s career Ive followed for over 25 years.

    I particularly liked the part where he ousted one of the very few left wing labour BEM women MPs, by playing on the Islamist leanings of young Bangladeshi heritage men.(do I need to put snark here?)

    And when I dared someone here to ask me whether I could find any prominent leftists who allied with Islamists , Georges name, some of his co respect party politicians and his allies on the stop the war coalition were waiting in the Ctrl C ‘n’ V.

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