1. Cassanders says

    I think you have misunderstood the issue slightly. This marking was primarily not a rally for free speech, but an ad hoc remembrance day for the victims ( the jewish guard , the filmmaker and the wounded policemen.) and a manifestation of solidarity, coherence and unity for the Danish society at large.

    Noteworthy indeed is the complete absence of calls for revenge, the burning of effigies, flags, angry mobs flooding through the streeets seeking out muslims to mug etc, etc.
    The people gathered solemny, listened to sober but emotional appeals, music, and did then dissipated quitely and went back to their daily lives.
    The manifestation was vastly different from similar occations in other parts of the world, where such events usually turns into a hate feast (usually directed at the jooos) and does indeed put into perspective the cringeworthy statements from several islamic organizations, whining about “backlash and hardship for the muslims” rather then confronting the real issues within their own community and religion.
    In Cod we trust

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