As long as one father

But David Futrelle didn’t mess around with just one stupid meme. David Futrelle got together a whole bunch of stupid memes to admire.

Ian Ironwood, as he calls himself, is the proprietor of the blog The Red Pill Room. He’s also a big fan of retro art.  Alas, he has attempted to combine these two interests, producing a series of baffling “memes” in which he pastes little manosophere lessons on top of artwork borrowed from postwar American magazines and paperbacks.

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I’ll go with this one, partly because it’s so wordy, which is kind of not the point of memes.

Nothing puts hair on your chest faster than carbonated beverages.

By…tinkering with their sodas?


  1. screechymonkey says

    Ophelia, don’t pretend like you haven’t heard of the Comprehensive Anti-Son Teaching Regime And Testosterone Elimination (CASTRATE) Act of 2010!

    It bans fathers from taking their sons to baseball games and requires all boys, upon puberty, to watch romantic comedies and talk about their feeling.


  2. Trebuchet says

    Holy crap! And wholly crap, to boot. Beyond awful. I did at least enjoy Futrelle’s comment about the kid’s hand being replaced by a dog’s ass.

    And since when is “effeminize” a word?

  3. moarscienceplz says

    I like the one where he tells his fellow menz to “Keep your mouth shut!” Of course, he can’t follow his own advice, but it’s still a nice thought.

  4. themann1086 says

    I think the sperm one is my favorite. What the hell…

    Nope, the one confusing feminism with lesbianism is the weirdest.

  5. Holms says

    a) How the hell does that particular art relate to the ‘point’ being made? The focus of the poster is not on either of the two people that are presumably the father and son, it’s a random dude selling drinks at a game of Wishes It Was Cricket.

    b) #2 is absolutely, impressively brainless. Holy shit, we aren’t dealing with rational people here.

  6. M'thew says


    How ’bout #7? He does not really want to have anything to do with women – not outside of his own personal slave. What a piece of work he is.

  7. John Horstman says

    What the what is that word-salad even supposed to mean? “The patriarchy will exist as long as one father can teach one son”? Like, exactly one of each, no more and no fewer? And how do fathers teaching sons (Should I be using the singular? He switches to the plural for the second part…) have anything to do with patriarchy? It’s like Red Pill Guy doesn’t know what the words he’s using mean…

    Also, even granting whatever that premise is supposed to be, the conclusion doesn’t logically follow. You’d only need to do one of those things – eliminate fathers OR feminize (“effeminize”?) sons – not both (that’s an inclusive “or” – one could do both).

    Finally, the way that Soda Pop Vendor is eye-banging Dad while holding a phallic object doesn’t exactly scream “heteropatriarchy” to me.

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