Let hell engulf

Wonderful. There was a protest against Charlie Hebdo in Niger today – at which four people were killed. That’s a fabulous reason to die.

At least four people have been killed in violent protests against French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Niger’s second city of Zinder, officials say.

A number of churches and the French cultural centre were among several buildings raided and set alight.

Over a picture. A picture of a bearded guy in a turban, with a tear on his cheek. That’s worth killing people and setting churches and cultural centers on fire.

One policeman and three civilians were killed in the protests in Zinder after Friday prayers, a police source told Reuters.

“Some of the protesters were armed with bows and arrows as well as clubs. The clashes were very violent in some places,” the source added.

Agence France-Presse quoted a minister as saying dozens of people had been injured.

Local residents told Reuters that demonstrators had set fire to churches and raided shops that were run by Christians.

“The protesters are crying out in local Hausa language: Charlie is Satan – let hell engulf those supporting Charlie,” a local shopkeeper said by telephone.

Love, peace, solidarity, mutual aid, friendship, joy.


  1. johnthedrunkard says

    No, not ‘over a picture.’ How would these people have ever learnt of the pictures existence?

    One of our Muslim refusniks described these as ‘rent-a-mobs.’ i.e. masses of disaffected, uneducated, unemployed, men. Ready to burn and kill at the command of their ‘community leaders.’

    Back to the Danish cartoons. Not a whiff of violence or ‘offence’ at their original publication, or even when they were reprinted in an Egyptian tabloid. The ‘outrage’ was DELIBERATELY commanded by ambitious imams pursuing their own agenda.

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