Killing of children and women is according to the teachings

Ahmar Mustikhan reports in the Examiner on the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s explanation for why the slaughter in Peshawar was right-on according to the prophet. It’s enough to make you vomit.

The Islamic terrorist outfit that carried out the bloodiest school massacre in world history Wednesday defended its action as being in line with what Prophet Mohammed, who Muslims believe was the last messenger of God, did with his enemies 1400 years ago.

“At the time of the Bannu Qurayza massacre, Prophet Mohammed ordered only those children be killed whose pubic hairs have appeared,” said Umar Khurasani, spokesperson for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Bannu Qurayza was a Jewish tribe that lived in present day Medina. Islamic history texts confirm 800 men and boys and one woman of the Qurayza tribe were beheaded. “Killing of children and women is according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed; those who are objecting should study Sahih al-Bukhari,” Khurasani said.

The prophet said it, so that makes it totally halal. That’s all there is to it. No need to think, no need for empathy, no remorse, just follow instructions.

Khurasani insisted the TTP followed what he called sunnat, or actions of Prophet Mohammed during wars.. He said those who are saying the Peshawar attack was un-Islamic should read Sahih al-Bukhari 5th Volume, Hadith. No. 138. Bukhari is considered to be one of the most authentic books on what Prophet Mohammed said and did during his lifetime. The TTP statement coincided with the television interview of Maulana Abdul Aziz, chief cleric at the Lal Mosque in Islamabad, who flatly refused to condemn the Peshawar attack during a television talk.

He doesn’t make the rules. The proph made the rules 14 centuries ago, and it’s no good second-guessing them now. If the proph says it’s fine to murder a school full of children, then go for it. Allahu akbar.






  1. Al Dente says

    So because Mohammed killed some people 1400 years ago it’s totally good for the Taliban to kill some completely different people who had no connection with the people Mohammed killed. That makes sense, if you’re looking for an excuse to commit an atrocity.

  2. quixote says

    Hmmm. And then there are the Muslims who say terrorism is nothing to do with the religion because that’s against the teachings.

    So is it in accordance with the teachings, as per Doofus A? Or against?

    Either way, you’ll have to decide which teachings to follow. In which case, there went the whole simplicity of unthinking obedience.

    It makes me want to say that I’ll watch their future progress with considerable interest, except I won’t. I already know their answer.

  3. Omar Puhleez says

    The UN should compile a Brainless Index (BI) for each country, based on the number of such religious killings per year per head of population.
    At a guess I would say Pakistan would be up there with the leaders in the Islamic class. And Islamic countries would beat the pants off the rest of the field.

  4. johnthedrunkard says

    Mohammed’s homicidal acts are to be upheld as models of perfection. Just like his marriage to a nine year old. Can I get a PBUH?

    Follow the link and check the second comment. These monsters are morally polluted beyond reclamation.

  5. umar ahmed says

    Read a Quran someday. You’ll learn everythin you need to know about Muslims.
    I am a Pakistani and my brothers died over there and you people make up things like the holy prophet(PBUH) killed children. In the time of Banu quraizah, yes he did killed all the men and made all women and children slaves because the jewish law said so (the jews committed treachery). Moreover, jews insisted banu quraizah insisted that their laws should be followed. When the other tribes ,Banu Nadir and Banu qayyum, attempted to kll the holy prophet pbuh they were just banished from Medina for their acts.I didn’t made this all up, its agreed by many researchers,scholars such as Mustafa draper.

  6. se habla espol says

    Reading the Qu’ran makes it clear that Mo was a warlord, and the Qu’ran was written for the purposes of recruiting soldiers (by promising a future heaven, for instance) and indoctrinating them. There is nothing else.

    Of course, Da’esh/ISIL/Taliban/Boko Haram/etc are just following their long-dead warlord’s commands: kill ’em all and go to heaven.

  7. otrame says


    You are missing the point. Umar Khurasani, explicitly, and a bunch of others, implicitly, said that slaughtering school children was according to the teachings of Mohammed. If you think that that demeans Mohammed and his religion, I agree, so you should go complain to them.

    There have been many times in the past and occasionally to this very day that Christians have done something like this. And often, some Christians says, basically, “This was biblical because…[what ever].”

    For me, it does not matter what the holy book says. Nor does it matter how it is interpreted by each individual who believes it is the word of a god. I do not care what you believe. I only care about what you DO. What I care about is those children, murdered, and their families, their entire community, who have suffered a terrible loss. If a human being can say “it is according to the teachings” and therefore acceptable, then I say, NO. It is not acceptable. And if anyone believes that it is, whether atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or what ever, then they have a depraved mind.

  8. Saad says

    umar, #5

    In the time of Banu quraizah, yes he did killed all the men and made all women and children slaves because the jewish law said so (the jews committed treachery).

    Oh, it was fine then.

    He was just taking orders from the Jews. Yep, that sounds believable.

    The issue is really, really simple. Islam is in need of reform because both the Quran and the hadith contain very immoral stuff. And too many people believe and follow that shit.

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