Contemtus puellae

So so so so so so funny.


[Description: two photos: one, a bunch of US-football players captioned “how America sees the 49ers”; two, the same bunch of US-football players wearing pink skirts over their uniforms captioned “How Seattle sees the 49ers”]

Contempt for the female just never gets old, does it.


  1. Cassidy McJones says

    So whoever created this thinks an attitude of sexist comtempt paints Seattle in a positive light and is something to be proud of? Nice.

    Being a SF Giants fan, I saw this shit all the time last season with the new plate-blocking rules in baseball (the so called “Buster Posey rule”). The lowlight of last year was Hawk Harrelson (of course) complaining that “next thing you know they’ll have catchers wearing skirts out there”. Fuck you very much Hawk.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    I’d bet the average NFL fan would pass out from exhaustion before completing one session of a ballet class.

  3. =8)-DX says

    Did I miss something? Do people from Seattle call affectionately refer to their favourite american hand-ball players “our girls”? Are many of the players known for cross-dressing or pro lgtbq stand?

    From the reactions in comments it just looks like “we put them in skirts because we think they’re weak” Darn.

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