Allahu akbar

The Telegraph shares a bunch of photos of the scene at that Peshawar army school. Be warned: they’re heart-wrenching to look at – no bodies, but lots of blood. But most heart-wrenching are the pictures of the victims in life.

The full devastation of the Taliban attack in which 148 people – the vast majority children – were massacred in a Pakistan school yesterday is laid bare in images showing pools of blood and bullet-ridden walls.

Upturned desks and torn exam papers scattered across the floor give evidence of the unexpected terror that struck 500 children and staff on Tuesday morning as nine gun-wielding militants stormed the building.

Shouting “Allahu akbar.”

“They finished in minutes what I had lived my whole life for, my son,” said labourer Akhtar Hussain, tears streaming down his face as he buried his 14-year-old, Fahad. He said he had worked for years in Dubai to earn a livelihood for his children.

“That innocent one is now gone in the grave, and I can’t wait to join him, I can’t live anymore,” he wailed, banging his fists against his head.

Allahu akbar.

Pulse on the school’s principal Tahira Kazi. Warning: it’s bad.

Tahira Kazi, the principal of the Army Public School attacked by Taliban Jihadists in Pakistan was burnt to death while her students watched because she was married to a Pakistani soldier.

Kazi was torched alive by the jihadists who stormed the school, located in Peshawar, at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to a MailOnline report, it is believed that Kazi was killed in such a gruesome manner because she’s married to a retired a retired army colonel, Kazi Zafrullah.

Student Pulse gathered that one of the seven terrorist that attacked the school also blew himself up in the late principal’s office.

Another teacher, 24-year-old Afsha Ahmed, was doused with petrol and set ablaze while her pupils watched after she told the terrorists that “You can only kill my students over my dead body.”

That’s all I can stand for now.



  1. Decker says

    It must have given them a great thrill to these stone age thugs to burn a modern, secular, educated women alive.

  2. says

    Exactly. I’m sure it did. And along with modern, secular, educated, she was the head of something, so she was the boss of some men. And her school taught girls as well as boys. There’s just no end to the haram.

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