The Great Cause

Christina Hoff Sommers seems to have only one thing to say. (She’s a hedgehog not a fox.) That thing is: feminism sucks!!

A sample from her Twitter output.

Christina H. Sommers @CHSommers · Jul 29
It’s not the patriarchy, but third-wave feminism, that undermines young women’s freedom. Great read by @ashtenthinks

There are rules of evidence & anyone worth taking seriously must abide by them–including feminists.@LadyGirlPerson @GodDoesnt @ashtenthinks

Wash Post & TNR just had weak posts on gender pay gap. For high-powered thinking on topic, check out these 2 guys.

Due process has no lobby. Republicans & Dems do the bidding of gender warriors. Not a word about falsely accused. …

Malicious and dishonest headline
alert! …

ICYMI:Watch this smart Yale undergrad politely demolish 20 years of phony research on sexism in science & tech. …

She used to be an academic, and she’s become a party hack – and all for the sake of attacking feminism for a right-wing think tank.


  1. says

    I haven’t read her stuff for 15 years or so. Like most anti-feminists, her schtick was to focus on the most extreme second-wavers, distort their views a bit and pretend this was all of feminism. Now I’m curious what she’s doing with the third wave. Can she make Laci Greene scary?

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Daily Beast piece that CHS derides for its headline could have (with a little tweaking of its ignorant snark about atheists) come from a too-long comment on any of several FtBlogs.

    She may have a point about the sensationalist headline, but I can’t tell if she wants to defend Dawkins or just picked a bit of DB hype at random. To find out would require looking into whatever other opinions Sommers (Hoff Somers?) may have previously emitted on atheists and/or our king (when did he switch from Pope?) – and frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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