“I just wanted to know if I was going to be gassed again”

Missouri state Senator asks the Ferguson cops if they’re going to gas her again. She just wants to know, like.

Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal confronted Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson during a press conference Wednesday, asking why she was tear-gassed during a nonviolent protest.

Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat, said she had been tear-gassed while peacefully protesting the death of Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teenager shot to death by a police officer on Saturday.

“I just wanted to know if I was going to be gassed again, like I was on Monday night,” Chappelle-Nadal asked. “We couldn’t get out, and we were peacefully sitting. I Just wanted to know if I’m going to be gassed again?”

Jackson said he hoped not. I suppose the implication was that he hoped she wouldn’t…erm…ask for it.

Chappelle-Nadal offered The Huffington Post further details following Jackson’s press conference.

“We were in that neighborhood and we were tear-gassed,” she said. “I could not breathe, I could not speak, I could not focus, I could not think because I thought that I were going to die because we were shot at and tear gas was constantly thrown at us and the police officers.”

She continued: “I’m the senator for the area, and I felt threatened. Everyone felt threatened.”

Chapelle-Nadal said Jackson’s response was “bullshit.”

“He blew me off,” she said. “It was bullshit, and the thing is … I don’t tell people when I’m out with these kids, ‘Hey, I’m your senator.’ But I don’t care about that, I care about these kids.”

Careful – that borders on asking for it.



  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Clearly, if you’re black in Ferguson, you’re asking for it.

    I’m not black, and seeing all this makes me want to apply for asylum somewhere. Sorry, Canada, you’re not far enough away from the crazy……

  2. smrnda says

    I think the cops in Ferguson should be locked in a military stockade until we can figure out what human rights violations they’ve committed, and then a military court can get all ‘tough on crime’ on them.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    When were there be air strikes and drone strikes against the Furguson police station and against their vehicles? It seems Obama cares more about ethnic minorities in Iraq than Missouri.

  4. says

    I wonder if and or when this police department will actually face consequences

    I don’t.

    But then I have been pleasantly surprised in the past. Not often enough.

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