The exodus from E-Day

David Futrelle takes a look at the evasive and/or deceptive ways of the Canadian Association for Equality and Justin “not Justin Trottier” Trottier.

Anyway, so this non-Men’s Rights group decided to hold a concert on Toronto Island celebrating “Equality Day,” a holiday they made up just for the occasion. They found a venue, got some sponsors and even managed to convince a bunch of bands to sign on.

Everything was ready to go until a few days before the concert was scheduled to happen, when some of the people who had been roped into the event discovered just what they had gotten themselves involved with.

The exodus from E-Day kicked off after a post appeared on the lefty Canadian news siteRabble.capointing out what CAFE was really about. Musicians and sponsors quickly distanced themselves from the event, and CAFE lost its venue as well.

CAFE’s response to all this? A press release stating:

CAFE received overwhelming support from musicians, sponsors and the general public for Equality Day. After several months of productive collaboration, the original venue Artscape Gibralter-Point cancelled the use of their location after receiving a small number of misinformed complaints.

That’s a rather … odd way to describe what happened. According to a good number of those who had originally signed on for the concert, it was CAFE that was actively spreading misinformation about their own event and hiding its Men’s Rights agenda.

There’s nothing like having a cause you can be proud of, is there.

A scaled down E-Day celebration of sorts did go ahead last weekend. It consisted of some CAFE volunteers standing on a corner handing out pamphlets and talking to passersby about their support of “boys, men and families.” (That’s a strangely limited notion of equality, huh?)

In their press release last week, CAFE announced that

Equality Day musical activities will be postponed to next Sunday, June 8. Details to be announced.

So far no details have been announced. But, hey, they’ve still got a couple of days to go.

On a totally unrelated note, I will be holding “E-Kwalitee Day” in my apartment sometime this afternoon. I am proud to announce that I have managed to book some outstanding musical acts for this extravaganza. They don’t know it yet, but I have written their names down in my appointment book.

Ah fantasy, what would life be without it.


  1. says

    Would that be Justin Trottier? Apologies if you’ve already noticed and corrected this. The misinformation seems to have all come from CAfE’s end, and I am glad most organisations and acts booked for this spurious event pulled out when the MRA propaganda version of ‘equality’ being touted was made known.

  2. martincohen says

    If you write my name in your appointment book, I will also not be there.

    That will serve you right, since I am totally unknown in the most reputable circles.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Here’s athought for their future events maybe what’s left of CAFE can link up with what’s left of that American spring group and they can pool resources enough to hire a phone box which should be plenty big enough for all the members?

    Even, indeed especially, if it ain’t a disguised TARDIS.

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