1. jenBPhillips says

    I’d bought several pairs previously at this cute little local gift shop and went back for more, but the ‘Fuck this shit’ socks were no longer on the display rack.

    Me to clerk: ‘Excuse me, do you have any more of those socks in the store room?’
    Clerk: ‘Sorry, which ones?’
    Me: “Well, the ones with the rain and person under the umbrella…aannnd….”
    Clerk: *blinks*
    Me: “…and they say (looking around at all the other customers) “fuck this shit”?”
    Clerk: “ohhh!! Oh yes! Oh let me see [rummages around, can’t find them] Let me call the manager–“Hi, I have a customer asking about the “fuck this shit” socks…I said, DO WE HAVE ANY MORE OF THOSE ‘FUCK THIS SHIT’ SOCKS? SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY THEM”

    –As I stand smiling politely at all the other shoppers.

    They found me some more in the back room, and I told them to go ahead and call me when the new shipment arrives, because I can think of at least 10 more people I want to give them to.

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