Up for debate 3

Is Genocide always such a bad idea? #UpForDebate

Why not punish serious crimes by flaying people? #UpForDebate

Let’s totally rethink our position on torture. #UpForDebate

How about euthanasia for disabled people? That would save a few bucks. #UpForDebate

Immigrants. Shouldn’t we just enslave them? It was their idea to come here, after all. #UpForDebate

The US should invade Iceland. It’s just lying there, begging for it. #UpForDebate

We need serious tax reform. No tax at all on people with incomes over $200,000. Let everyone else pay for it. #UpForDebate

Dentists should be allowed to torture every 11th patient, just for laughs. #UpForDebate


  1. Holms says

    I take it this is a stab at the idiots fucking up Greta’s current discussion topic…? In which case:

    Women should be held legally responsible for their own rape, as they incited the lust in the man. #UpForDebate #SomePeopleActuallyBelieveThis

  2. Holms says

    Oops, I didn’t see the two preludes to this post.

    Preemptive war, just in case. #UpForDebate

    Black people, and why I believe they are all thieves. #UpForDebate

    Give all border patrols along the Mexican (but not Canadian) border official clearence to shoot on sight. #UpForDebate

    Having a gay child means you are bad at parenting. #UpForDebate.

    I think I’m bad at this game; I keep choosing shit that the Republicans actually believe.

  3. Shatterface says

    Soylent Green – it’s not really cannibalism if you haven’t read the label. #UpForDebate.

  4. Scr... Archivist says

    Should we bring back coverture? #UpForDebate

    Let’s limit the vote to men who own property. #UpForDebate

    Which family should become America’s new monarchy? #UpForDebate #SomePeopleActuallyBelieveThis

    Medical ethics rules and informed consent are just burdensome regulations. #UpForDebate

  5. cubist says

    Jews: Secret masters of the global economy, amirite? #UpForDebate

    Rich/powerful people should be granted the opportunity to purchase, as food, poor folks’ children. #UpForDebate

    Resolved: We don’t really need all those Amendments to the USConstitution. #UpForDebate

  6. Blanche Quizno says

    Given overpopulation, should we be throwing the babies out with the bathwater? #UpForDebate

    Why shouldn’t we come right out and say that there’s nothing wrong with some people’s pets having more rights and opportunities than some people? #UpForDebate

  7. leftwingfox says

    Well, if we want to really hit the right-wingers where they live…

    Second Amendment. Mistake or Malice? #upfordebate

    Private property: abolish or redistribute? #upfordebate

    Should we not have a maximum wage? #upfordebate

    Should hate speech be counted as libel, slander or death threats? #upfordebate

    Nationalizaton of industry. Isn’t it about damn time? #upfordebate

  8. Blanche Quizno says

    Isn’t it *adorable* when women think they should have more rights than small children? #UpForDebate

    Since we don’t need slave patrols any more, we don’t need the 2nd Amendment any more, do we? #UpForDebate

    Who wants to tell the Tea Partiers that the Boston Tea Party was about protesting the fact that a large corporation (the East India Trading Company) paid a far lower rate of tax than the smaller businesses and individuals? #UpForDebate

  9. Tessa says

    Dentists should be allowed to torture every 11th patient, just for laughs. #UpForDebate

    Blah, and I used to respect you. Using a serious issue to push your horrible 11th-er views… For shame! SHAAAAME! Even the NDA agrees it should be the 12th. #WhenHeroesFall

  10. Blanche Quizno says

    I’m sorry, but the off-hand discussion of dental torture has sent me into a fugue state.

    Thanks for the PTSD, Mom!

  11. leni says

    Oh lol funny! But I think I’m going dark for this one….

    Should boys be allowed to go to school? #UpForDebate

    Should male circumcision be expanded to include the testicles? All they do is cause trouble and social instability. #UpForDebate

    Now that marriage equality is legal in many places, perhaps it’s time to consider if those uneducated little boys should be married off to old men? It’s not like they’d have anything else going on. #UpForDebate

    Hey, we might as well tackle the big questions as long as we are living in the feminist dystopia!

  12. hjhornbeck says

    The heat death of the universe. #UpForDebate

    2 + 2 = 4. #UpForDebate

    Human beings possess liberty and safety of person, free from state intervention. #ShouldntBeUpForDebateAndNormallyIsntUnlessItAppliesToPeopleYouDontCareAboutInWhichCaseWeMustEndlessHashItOutOverAndOverAndOverAndOver

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